asemic editions is a small press devoted to publishing works of asemic writing, abstract comics, Lettrisme & similar. It is based in South Australia, & run by Tim Gaze.

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Monday, October 3, 2011

written in prose, by Alain Satié

This is a retitled version of Écrit en prose, which was originally published by Éditions PSI in 1971, & awarded the Anti-Goncourt Prize. Available as a paperback on demand, here. View some sample pages here.

Alain Satié (1944-2011) was one of a younger generation of Lettristes. He was thrilled to see this new edition of his hypergraphic novel being born in 2010.

English version of Alain's site: =>

Here is an introduction to Lettrisme, & ongoing activities, en français, ici.