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Friday, February 23, 2018

Free downloads of 4 titles are now available

written in prose, by Alain Satié

The Giant's Fence, by Michael Jacobson (large format edition)


SHROUDS, by Gary J Shipley

A commercial e-book of 100 Scenes, by Tim Gaze is available here.

Please note that the PO Box address published in these books is no longer in use.

Monday, April 22, 2013

SHROUDS, by Gary J. Shipley

The first edition of Gary's abstract graphic novel, in A4 size, is available here. View some sample pages here.

Andrei Molotiu's back cover blurb:
Like the clouds with which its title rhymes, Gary J Shipley’s Shrouds allows us to see in its pages landscapes, faces and flying animals, that however never resolve into simply legible, unambiguous figures. Cave walls meld into wool skeins that in turn metamorphose into nocturnal fields, then into—yes—abstract shrouds of Turin or undecipherable fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls: an ink-made world full of suggestions just under the threshold of readability, a magnificent graphic text somewhere between (pictorial) abstraction and (literary) asemia, where the hovering shapes of Rothko or Still cohabitate with Henri Michaux’s graphomania and with the raw brushwork of the CoBrA artists.

SHROUDS is a series of glimpses of something which doesn't want to be seen, as if you're looking through fog or straining to see in dim light. Sketched rapidly, buzzing with energy. Many brushes were destroyed in the making of these works. From the chaos of hints of faces, bodies, landscapes, skies and scenes, a story or narrative will emerge for the reader who immerses her or himself in these pages.

Cover designed by Matthew Revert.

More about Gary here.

Monday, December 10, 2012


This is a new edition of mIEKAL aND's hypergraphic novel. Order a copy from DPA here. View some sample pages here.

The title was an attempt to translate some runes into words.

This novel of raw, hand-drawn pictographs is an important precursor to the current wave of longer asemic works. If ancient, pre-literate people had access to printing technology, they might have produced this!

From the introduction: Flip-book of zaum brut lettrism, ideal for speed-reading or slow meditation.

The original version was published through mIEKAL's Xexoxial Editions in 1987 as a tiny object (7.5 X 5 cm), in an edition of 200. Approximately 50 of those 200 were made into earrings.

Xexoxial Editions' current site.

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Giant's Fence, by Michael Jacobson - large format edition

This is an A4 sized edition of The Giant's Fence, with improved contrast & despeckling. Order a copy printed on demand by DPA. View some sample pages here.

back cover blurb:
The Giant's Fence is a short novel told using symbols invented by the
author. The  title  is  a  translation  of  the  Finnish word  for  a  labyrinth
pattern carved into stone, jatulintarha. 

There  isn't a  fixed meaning  in  this  story. Any way you can  read  it  is
the correct way, for you.

Futuristic & alien.

Reading this book will help you to develop new faculties.

Cover by Eileen Hennessy.

Free download of the original edition from UbuWeb.

Youtube preview of the original edition.

The original paperback edition (through is no longer available. The Giant's Fence is now included in the hardcover volume Works & Interviews 1999-2014, available here.

Monday, October 3, 2011

written in prose, by Alain Satié

This is a retitled version of Écrit en prose, which was originally published by Éditions PSI in 1971, & awarded the Anti-Goncourt Prize. Available as a paperback on demand, here. View some sample pages here.

Alain Satié (1944-2011) was one of a younger generation of Lettristes. He was thrilled to see this new edition of his hypergraphic novel being born in 2010.

English version of Alain's site: =>

Here is an introduction to Lettrisme, & ongoing activities, en français, ici.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

100 Scenes in paperback

The abstract graphic novel 100 Scenes by Tim Gaze is now available as a paperback book, printed on demand, at Digital Print Australia. View some sample pages here.

The e-book version of 100 Scenes, published by Transgressor, is available from iBooks & Kindle.

You can watch a slideshow of every page in the book.

A review by Rob Clough of The Comics Journal is here.

Eileen Tabios' review is here.

Analysis by Domingos Isabelinho.

Review (em português) por Pedro Moura.

6 pages from 100 Scenes are reproduced in Tuli&Savu-kirja Tekstitaide (Fire&Smoke, Finnish poetry journal's yearbook for 2012, titled Text Art, including 1 on the front cover.

Review (in Russian/на русском языке) by Gleb Kolomiets in СЛОВА/SLOVA #12, pages 62-63. Google translation into English, without the illustrations.

Review (in Polish/w języku polskim) in Zeszyty Komiksowe #17.