asemic editions is a small press devoted to publishing works of asemic writing, abstract comics, Lettrisme & similar. It is based in South Australia, & run by Tim Gaze.

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Monday, December 10, 2012


This is a new edition of mIEKAL aND's hypergraphic novel. Order a copy from DPA here. View some sample pages here.

The title was an attempt to translate some runes into words.

This novel of raw, hand-drawn pictographs is an important precursor to the current wave of longer asemic works. If ancient, pre-literate people had access to printing technology, they might have produced this!

From the introduction: Flip-book of zaum brut lettrism, ideal for speed-reading or slow meditation.

The original version was published through mIEKAL's Xexoxial Editions in 1987 as a tiny object (7.5 X 5 cm), in an edition of 200. Approximately 50 of those 200 were made into earrings.

Xexoxial Editions' current site.